Mill Road

The project

During August and September 2013, we ran a community project on Mill Road (Cambridge, United Kingdom). With the help of various businesses and local artists, we collected "community data" and visualised the results as street art.

smiley device in shop


Eighteen participating shops on Mill Road had a little "smiley device" installed on their counter, on which a different question around the Mill Road community were displayed every other day. Customers were encouraged to express their opinion.

visualisation outside shop


After processing the gathered data, we visualised the results on the pavement in front of the shops, with the help of local artists. We made use of chalk graffiti, which fades after rain. The visualisation became a bit bigger every other day.



Along Mill Road, 18 businesses participated: Oxfam, Computer Resale, CB1, Sally Ann, Bosphorus, Raj, Bacchanalia, H. Gee, Cho Mee, Mini Market, Black Cat, Interflora, Kailash, Urban Larder, RSPCA, Limoncello, Hillary's Greengrocers and Cafe Coco Belle.



We evaluated the effect of the public visualisation of community data. What does it do to the Mill Road community? How can it inform people on what other members of the community think of specific local issues? Does it encourage reflection and discussion?

visualisation outside shop


Visualising Mill Road is a project by Lisa Koeman (, Dr Vaiva Kalnikaite ( and Prof Yvonne Rogers from ICRI Cities at University College London.

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